Got Ass has an event and or contest EVERY week in a different city, bar, venue and
maximum promotion to got ass is what we are all about.
From the got ass contest, to the Got Ass models, to the clothing line, all the major trade
shows we hosts and attend the DVD and reality show and of course the trips to Hedonism
Jamaica, Las Vegas, Cuba, Cancun,and across Canada the relationship together with you
the fan and us limitless.

Got ass has been on top of the promo genre in Canada (next to the American company
Girls Gone Wild) we are the only company that has been going
for the past 4 years.
As you have seen we are all major events,trade shows, concerts, world renoun resorts.
Being the only company like this in Canada with staying power is what we are all about.
From city to city we bring a party and event and the atmosphere, with all the action, swag
and media noise, we have been on
the CBC show DRAGONS DEN, Got ass is what the people want, and people want got ass!!

The Got Ass Girls are the ladeis that are like no other!! The are at car shows, trade shows,
nightclubs, they travel the world and you can meet and greet them take pics and party
with them live!! You want them at your event book the got ass girls to have your event
even better then the rest!!

You can join got ass in Cancun spring break every year, Super clubs resorts Hedonism 2
every year where we shoot the got ass calender and do our events, Las Vegas for the major
AVN event, you can party at the GOT ASS mansion (similar to the playboy mansion) where
we have monthly themed parties. We are hosts to the largest Import car show in Canada
(Importfest), We host shows at the large trade shows and will get to join our lives in a
reality show based around the mansion and the got ass girls. With all of that The Got
Ass girls have become a name in and around North America. To top it off the got ass DVD in production WILL be be lainched in Jan 2012 in Las Vegas

Right now you can join the party and expeperience at the Best Bottom In North America Search where we search North America with our events for the
best bottom where we give away trips to Jamaica. This is an event that you the fan can watch live in at Hedonism 2 in negril Jamaica!!

We want to thank you for having fun with us on this site, so enjoy have fun, see where we are near you and and comments or feed back is more then
welcome. We are doing this for you….The people!

Thank you